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WetNDri Sponge & Paper Refill Kit

WetNDri Sponge & Paper Refill Kit

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WetNDri Wet Palette Paper Refill. 50 Disposable Paper Pallet Sheets and 2 Wet Pallete Sponges. Refills Suitable for Stay Wet Palette for Acrylic Painting, Acrylic Paint Palette or Miniatures.

Material Acrylic
Brand D'Artisan Shoppe
Number of Pieces 50

About this item

  • WetNDri pallet paper is designed for D'Artisan Shoppe combo dry and wet palette but can be used for any wet palette for miniature painting or paint pallet for acrylic painting.
  • This sta wet palette refills pack includes 2 wet palette sponges and 50 sheets of palette paper for acrylic paint. The wet pallet paper is precut for convenience to save you the hassle of cutting your own parchment paper.
  • These wet palette paper is studier and thicker so there is less disintegration during color mixing while remaining perfectly flat with no bubbles and wrinkles to spoil your painting bliss.
  • The gray hydration foam is a neutral grey color for precise color mixing ability. This allows you to accurately see the true paint value with no distortions from reflecting shadows or highlights unlike white or yellow sponges so you can paint better.
  • This paper palette is the ideal pallete paper for any wet pallette for miniatures and artists wanting to master advance miniature painting techniques. The paper and sponge for wet pallete allows the right dilution for blending, gradients and glazing.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kaoticreator (on September 7, 2022)
Durable and long lasting.

These are top quality and not the trash you could encounter on here.

Peter Katelaan (on October 9, 2022)
Possibly the best wet palette paper I've used to date

I do really like this wet palette paper, the fact that it came with extra sponges is nice as well. However I would prefer the option to buy it without (and add more papers). Those sponges last forever and if you put a piece of copper in your palette it won't even smell.