Register Your Warranty - Brushes

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Thank You For Your Recent Paint Brush Purchase

We are honored you chose to put your trust into the D'Artisan Shoppe brand for your painting needs. To help protect your investment we ask all our customers to fill out the quick lifetime warranty form below (To qualify for the complete warranty benefits, all warranty registration must be submitted within a two-month period starting from the purchase date). In the event you need to replace your product because of defects, this registration will help speed up the process of any product exchanges or returns.

*Please note the "Artist Tips: Choosing the Right Brush plus Brush Care & Tips" mini E-Book is free to you with no hidden or extra charges, as long we can verify a valid purchase.  D'Artisan Shoppe do not entice or offer monetary incentive to users for reviews. However, we are a small family owned company and your feedback are invaluable in assisting us to continue refine our product offering and service. Since reviews are the life line of our company and we would appreciate it if you could spare a few minutes of your time to leave an honest feedback.

We do kindly request that you contact us directly for any issues you may have before leaving us a negative review please. This is so we can quickly help resolve any inconvenience and get you back to painting! Thank you.

    Free Mini E-Book

  It’s Easy, Follow These Steps:

  1. Fill out the warranty form below with your full address
  2. Once we verify your Order ID and Registration we will send you the mini e-book to the email you provided (please note that our warranty is only valid for purchases made via our authorized distributor. Click here for more information.