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WetNDri Wet Palette

WetNDri Wet Palette

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WetNDRi Paint Tray Pallet with Lid. Painters Dual Dry Color Mixing and Stay Wet Palette for Acrylic Painting Miniatures Art. D'Artisan Shoppe Plastic Paint Palette Tray 50 Palette Paper 2 Sponge

About this item

  • PALETTE FOR ARYLIC PAINTS KEEPS PAINT WET. Wet palette for miniatures keeps paint from drying out during painting. Paint pallet with lid saves leftover paint instead of disposable paint palette.

  • PAINT PALETTES FOR ALL MEDIA. 3-in-1 paint tray pallet can be used as paint palette for acrylic painting, oil paints or watercolor palette. Perfect for citadel paint, vallejo paint set, model paints for plastic models tamiya kits, dnd minatures

  • UNIQUE MULTIUSE XL TRIPLE PALETTE PAINT TRAY. Painting palette for artists, or wet pallete with 2 sponges & palette paper. Covered plastic paint mixing painters palette tray keeps paint blends wet with consistent values using gasket & elastic band.

  • PAINT ORGANIZER & PAINT HOLDER. Paint tray large enough to hold miniature paint brushes acting like a brush storage holder. Gray sponge stains less plus gives true paint mixing palette tones unlike white sponges. Pallet Size is 8.6 x 6.2 x 1.5 inch

  • STYLISH DESIGN MINI PAINT PALETTE - Low profile design for easy brush access to paint longer. 18 wells for paint, metallics, ink or as palette cups. This acrylic paint palette will make any artist needing art supplies, dnd or warhammer fans happy.

Material Plastic
Color Blue
Brand D'Artisan Shoppe
Style Modern
Item Dimensions LxWxH 8.6 x 6.2 x 1.5 inches
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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Palette Paper

I love this palette, particularly the small tray, whose shallow depth makes getting paint off the palette more comfortable and easy. I also love that you can use the top and bottom as separate trays, as my kids enjoy painting with me and multiple sponges/trays are great! In addition, the tray size fits my workspace perfectly. All in all, the wet palette and sponges are excellent and do their job well. All this is enough to make for an excellent palette as is.

But now the real review. The real star of the show, in my opinion, is the palette paper. In my experience, companies seem to really struggle to make good palette paper. Some of it allows colors to bleed through, others absorb paint, while others allow too much water into the paint too quickly. Not this paper! This is BY FAR the best palette paper on the market that I have tried, and even outperforms the parchment paper which I had found to be the best option previously. The fact that it is pre-cut to fit the sponges is a great feature as well. I really can't stress enough how much I love this palette paper--if it were sold on its own I would consider buying it for use even if you don't own the palette! I am hoping they will soon make it available separately so I can purchase additional paper on its own. It really is great stuff; it has no color absorption and allows water through at just the right pace. You should try this palette out for the paper alone! If it sounds like I am overly excited about this, it is because I am. Finding good palette paper has been a losing battle for me until now.

Jen-Tse Dong (on October 7, 2022)
Great wet palette for a reasonable price

his is a great palette that came with quality sponges. The only drawback is that it is a bit small as I am using it for both regular canvas painting and model painting, but being able to turn the cover into another palette is great

Originally posted on Chloes Online Store at Amazon

Brad Greer
Lives up to the hype

Saw this product recommended on a review site, and thought it looked great. I'm happy to say it has absolutely lived up to those high expectations. The plastic parts have a smooth but snug fit that makes it very clear they won't leak (I tested). The sponges and precut paper are also really nice quality and easy to use. It's a great size -- not too big, but plenty of space for mixing. This may be my first wet palette, but it's likely to be my last.

Carmen Robles
WetNDri Paint Tray Pallet

This product is better than I expected. The quality, presentation, stability, perfect to travel. I am very satisfied and happy that now I have a pallet with a lot of uses. Is excellent, beautiful made. I feel like a rich person because is so beautiful! I am happy, very happy. :)

Great for multiple coats

If you do wet-on-dry technique and need to wait hours or a day between coats, having a wet palette to save your paint is great. I often mix my own colors and they can be hard to match if I have to start from scratch the next day. This is a nice help for ongoing projects.

Originally posted on Chloes Online Store at Amazon